Is Kelowna a Bikeable city?

In order to manage a city that wants to be biker friendly, in my opinion, a biker has to be in charge of the program.

I mean how else would you know what would make Kelowna benefit from the savings in pollution, road wear and traffic reduction, if you never tried to ride a bike in Kelowna.

One example would be the lack of sweeping in the shoulder months where there is no snow, the temperatures bounce off 10degrees Celsius but the bike lanes are so full of mud, rocks and automobile degree that they are impractical to use.

Kelowna is blessed with a longer than average season for biking, there is no reason why biking should not be a yearlong habit for the people who love to bike. Like many European (northern) countries, if we keep the bike lanes clean when is does not snow, many more people can get into and maintain the habit safely on a year-long basis.

Many strive to be car-free but cannot.

This is the current bike lane swelling policy:

April is the earliest that the lanes are freed while January or February are usually very biker-friendly.

Just a thought.


Kelowna can stretch its pollution and road wear savings while promoting the health of its residents by taking advantage of it’s biker-friendly climate. While the current work is good, more can be done.


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