New Developments Bypassing Rules?

This is the plan for a new development on the “northeast corner of Old Meadows Road and Gordon Drive”.

It is quite interesting that individuals who wish to renovate their personal homes require permits and per-approved designed, businesses require per-approved plans down to the content of the signage but in contrast – big box builders require only a top view of a 2 dimensional engineering and land use sketch of what the buildings will look like from space.

I am forced to ask, what is so special about people that buy land and build houses on it that makes their, extremely profitable, lives so easy?

Is this how all the gated communities that make Kelowna so unattractive started and are perpetuated despite all the land development advice that a short Google search comes-up with.

Higher density neighborhoods are better for all involved, from the community, which gets a livable area that is walkable rather than a circular block long view of a fence. After walking the same fenced block a couple of time, no wonder people skip walking and get in their car, there is nothing to see and the feeling of being cornered between traffic and a wall, try it, is not a pleasant walk.

Building for a very few people while locking everyone else in neighboring developments out is a fail proof means of discouraging community, business and sustainable creating of the so-attractive micro-neighborhoods in Vancouver, Montreal and other better designed development plans.

This article is based on Castanet’s “Mission development gets cool reception”

by Wayne Moore.

Please suggest a better review process for new developments, these shape Kelowna for decades to come, our decisions as to what form we wish our communities to take is a wisdom that is accessible today with a simple internet search….

Please use it city council.

BOTTOM LINE: Despite public statements indicating that there is a strategic, community-building, rather than community-dividing, development strategy, it appears as if little is contributed by the city and developers draw-up what they see fit. Profitability of house builders is notoriously high, some of the profit should be used for designing livable, non-gates, communities that can later on connect.


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