BC 2013 Elections. Where does the contribution money come from?

I ran into a really useful blog outlining the essentials of the 2013 BC elections.

From experience, I am always looking for the reason behind people’s actions, political acts, business deals as a way to explain to myself the world in which we live.

I am sure it is not the only way to dig down to the truth but I think that one element is certainly a major contributing factor; MONEY.

This blog details where the money came from for each of the political parties.

As you may or may not have seen in Calgary lately, a leaked video of an association of about 150 of the city’ s RE developers was caught in the act of going through the list of which city councilors “will play along” and which will not. The motivation, or carrot for “playing along” with the agenda of developers was campaign contributions.

The language and intent behind the speaker’s thrust was shockingly appalling to people who believe that democracy is still alive and well.

The video, much like the Mitt Romney campaign disaster, clearly demonstrates the corrupting power of money in politics and human weakness.

Here is a link to the short video:


As a concerned Kelowna resident, or as the resident of any city, how do I make sure that the party I am voting for is not accepting corporate donations in return for favorable voting? The answer is complicated but can be statistically be shown to be more likely to happen for the party that relies on corporate contributions than on individual voter contributions.

You can see the details for each of the BC parties here: http://bc2013.com/finances/

Have an interesting investigation and vote wisely.

8128734Calgary mayor calls for an investigation into campaign contributions with ulterior motives once incriminating video surfaces.

Here is the response of the head of the consortium attempting to take over decision making power:



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